Innovation and magic at the V MVP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS® Convention.

The power of transformation was the theme of the V MVP Business Solutions Convention on 23 October 2019.

The event, held in conjunction with the Platinum Distributor Conference in Barcelona, inspired more than 150 bodyshop professionals with a day of educational and lively presentations in the auditorium of La Pedrera - Casa Milà, one of the city’s most iconic buildings designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudí.

“The future is in your hands” was one of the central ideas of the welcome speech delivered by Juan Navarro, Business Director from PPG Spain and Portugal. He said: “You have the power of transformation, of your companies and of the sector itself, with your orientation to continuous improvement, always aware of the changing market context, be in conditions to bring to the most demanding customer in history what they expect of you, to satisfy their needs, even to overcome them, but always efficiently and profitably.”

Then, José Luis Gata, responsible for Aftermarket of Solera (Audatex), explained the impact that the phenomena of ongoing disruptive change such as electrification, vehicle automation or new mobility forms may have on the business model of bodyshops. Under the title of "Transformation of the sector, trends and evolution," José’s presentation also included a projection of the quantity and quality of the work that by different types of client -particular, renting and insurance will arrive at the bodyhop in the short, medium and long term, according to the current composition of the vehicle fleet and its predictable evolution.

The third presentation of the day was led by Ildefonso Jiménez, Senior MVP / Black Belt and Commercial Training Manager, and Beatriz Santamaría, MVP Senior Business Manager from PPG Iberia. They reviewed the concept of orientation to continuous improvement and innovation, which underpins the value proposition of the MVP Business Solutions programme.

This was followed by a roundtable discussion about MVP Lean for Collision. Raúl González, coordinator of the Plural Aftermarket and World Shopper Expert initiative, opened a constructive and inspiring dialogue in which four bodyshop professionals shared with delegates their experiences of implementing of the Lean methodology. Their businesses profiles were very different, but they had in common that they had all been using the Lean approach for several years. They agreed that the impact on the organisation ofthe bodyshop were noticed from the beginning, in terms of efficiency, profitability and satisfaction of all the audiences involved, including customers, operators and suppliers.

Next, Xavier Marcet, CEO of Lead to Change discussed the importance of continuous innovation under the thought-provoking title, “There is no innovation without risk, but the big risk is not innovating.”

Innovation was also featured in the intervention of Alberto González, Business Solutions, Digital Marketing, Communication and Branding Manager, PPG EMEA, presenting MOONWALK™, the first automatic mixing machine in the refinish market launched by PPG this year and which is now arriving to bodyshops worldwide.

A highlight was provided by Fernando Botella, a specialist in talent, leadership and innovation, along with Jorge Blass, a famous Spanish magician. Under the title of "The magic of transformation," Botella and Blass put on an exciting show with inspiring concepts and magic tricks oriented to the importance of the demand for unique experiences by a client who moves in the digital environment, and the need to constantly innovate.

Jordi Orriols, Technical and Business Solutions Manager of PPG Iberian Sales and Services, was responsible for closing the V MVP Business Solutions Convention, reminding attendees that the future is not written anywhere, they write it every day, with each of their professional and business decisions.