PPG Increases Mercedes-Benz Distributor Hamecher's Profitability by 20% Using MVP Tools, Mesura & Benchmark Report

"Our products are not the only reason we are a leading global supplier of autobody paints, coatings, and materials - PPG Refinish goes beyond that."

We aim to protect and beautify the world, and this is our motivation PPG for optimizing the industries that we serve and the customers we supply.

With the help of our Most Valued Partners (MVP) Business Solutions, we collaborate with customers to analyze their workshops and identify areas for improvement. We offer a uniquely tailored and comprehensive set of training and tools to help them work smarter, take their business further, and solve industry issues.

Innovative Processes & Increased Profitability

One of our esteemed customers is The Hamecher Group, a company that distributes and repairs Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Fuso, and Unimog. They have benefitted from our MVP tools at their 11 sites in France.

"We did not know that this type of service existed. We had never had detailed analysis and advice on our performance and margins by a painting partner," explained Didier Sirejol, President of the Hamecher Group.

"Didier Sirejol, President of the Hamecher Group"

The company discovered our tools helped improve profitability when three of its workshops were analyzed by a PPG team using MVP Solution Benchmark Report, followed by the implementation and demonstration of Mesura.

Mesura is a sophisticated tool that workshops use to measure and analyze their margins, average rates invoiced, the cost price of products, and quality of expertise. It also suggests an appropriate action plan to improve profitability.

Hamecher introduced an innovative painting process that allowed for faster repairs. It significantly reduced the cost of paints for second-hand cars while also increasing turnover and profitability by suggesting additional offers to car owners.

"A car being painted in Hamecher bodyshop"

Positive & Concrete Changes

Reflecting on the benefits of the MVP business solutions, Didier said, "These services have given us a better understanding of our painting business, guided in investment choices and, above all, improved our profitability on painting and consumables by 20% by controlling these costs in exchange with our partners.

"I highly recommend MVP services because positive and concrete changes have manifested themselves in a short time, favoring a major axis of progress for our workshops."

He added, "I particularly appreciated the debriefing reports and business reviews highlighting our strengths and areas for improvement raised by the MVP teams of PPG."

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