Increase business at your auto body shop with these proven marketing strategies



Running an auto body shop is not a task for the faint-hearted because the business has many aspects that you have to attend to. Some managers do get so consumed with the day-to-day running that they miss one key component of the business; marketing. This neglect can be disastrous because the auto body shop does not retain existing customers and attract new ones.

If you are caught in this position, turning around your auto body shop is not too late. This article presents marketing strategies to retain and attract clients to your auto repair shop.


Strategies for increasing business at your auto body shop

Fortunately, the step to expand business at your auto shop are not difficult, whether you are new in the business or an expert. Mostly what it takes is a deliberate approach to body shop management, focusing on generating new customers and retaining existing ones.


Use email marketing to put your body shop solutions in your client’s mind

Sending regular emails to your customers or intending customers is an excellent way to remain in touch and make sure your name comes to their minds when they need auto body shop services.

To have a successful email marking campaign, you need to build up your mailing list. You can do this by using a written form or Wifi Marketing to collect emails from existing customers or guests.

When sending email newsletters, define your audience by tagging them with keywords as you build your mailing list. This will allow you to target different segments with the content they will like the most. Also, avoid sending only adverts and promotions by including valuable and practical information.

Another email marketing method to increase business at your auto body shop is sending personalized service reminders. While collecting the emails, you would have obtained information about the type of cars they use, routine maintenance schedule, etc. You can remind them when certain services are due. Make sure to offer them a good deal, for example, a free service when they pay for another service.

You can also use email marketing as a follow-up to a visit to your auto body shop. This method is an excellent way to receive feedback on the services provided by your shop.


Online and website marketing strategies for your body shop management

Since many of your existing and potential clients spend time online, a good marketing strategy is to meet them there. One key point is to offer what is of value to your clients. Fortunately, there are several ways you can achieve this.

Your auto body shop can provide helpful video content to car owners and drivers. It could be how to carry out routine maintenance, explain how things work, etc. While some shops upload their videos to a YouTube channel, you can also embed them into your website.

SEOs are also an essential tool in connecting with clients in your neighborhood. The idea is to be the business that ranks highest when internet users search for auto body shops in your area. Optimize your website for local SEO.

Similar to visual content, blogging is a great way to provide helpful content to your clients. Publish informative articles with optimized SEOs that will generate traffic to your website. However, you must avoid turning your blog into an exclusive advertising medium. Share part of the knowledge you have acquired from running an auto body shop and establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

Another fantastic tool that will increase business at your auto body shop and can be localized is online ads. Use Google or Facebook ads to target customers in your neighborhood. Also, create profile pages for your auto body shop on Google Business and Yelp. However, you must provide quality service to have high ratings.


Make use of the power of social media marketing in your body shop management

Social media use has exploded in recent times. You can use this to the advantage of your auto body shop. Create official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Keep them updated with content that your audience finds interesting. Offer maintenance tips, driving and safety tips, new stock alerts, etc.

Make posts showing before and after photos of the work done by your team. Use high-quality pictures or videos to highlight the positive difference your auto body shop can make. However, you need not post only automobile-related content. Make posts about your staff, client testimonies, community updates, etc. Some official accounts even post memes, especially those related to their industry, to drive engagement.

Another method is to reward your clients for mentioning your business on social media. Encourage them to ‘check-in’ at your auto body shop and write a review. This will make your business reach even people you do not know.

Social media can also tell you what people are talking about. For example, Twitter trends can alert you to what your clients are interested in. These trends can even be localized, allowing you to feel the pulse of your neighborhood.


Raise your auto body shop profile with community marketing

You can connect with your potential customers by hosting events. This is a good marketing strategy because it brings people right into your auto body shop, where they can see what you are capable of. Create events like seminars, open houses, etc., on car maintenance.

Similarly, get involved in local events or organizations like charities, sports, etc. You can even partner with other businesses in the neighborhood to do cross-promotion, although you must be careful to avoid your competition.



There is a lot you can do to market your auto body shop. By adopting the strategies above, you can retain and attract new customers. For more info on how to run a successful auto repair shop, kindly email one of our experts at MVPEMEA.