PPG Optimises Collision Industry by Helping UAE’s AG CARS to Reduce Waste

As a leading global supplier of auto body paints, coatings and materials, at PPG we aim to protect and beautify the world. As part of this, it’s incredibly important we contribute towards optimising every industry that we serve in.

PPG recently assisted in the training of the LEAN methodology for one of the largest automotive repairs businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), AG CARS, to help improve its workshop processes and increase efficiency in its network.

The goal of the LEAN methodology in the collision industry is to identify waste and eliminate it from the repair process.

The training, organized and initiated by AG CARS’ Head of Operations, took place in Dubai with ten Bodyshop Managers attending from AG CARS.


Changing the Paradigm

The main challenge for this training was to change the paradigm in bodyshops of “more cars in equals more cars out.” Since the primary goal of LEAN is reducing waste, PPG produced exercises to help recognize the different types of waste in auto bodyshops and define tools which could help to minimize it.

At PPG, we have a set of tools available to our clients that can be used to optimize time and improve productivity of people and equipment, with the aim of refining repair quality for their customers.

The training covered the importance of LEAN in increasing bodyshop competitiveness due to collision trends, detecting types of waste in bodyshop repair processes, presenting new KPI’s and explaining their importance for main job providers (insurance companies), detecting bottlenecks and much more.


"Team exercise conducted to understand LEAN applications during the training"


Competitive Advantages

Reflecting on the day, one of the Bodyshop Managers who took part said: “I am sure the sharing of PPG’s in-depth knowledge in bodyshop operations and management skills will help our team to conduct our day-to-day operations in a much more organised and productive manner - we expect to see positive results.”

By providing these value-added services, PPG is providing our customers in the Middle East with competitive advantages and further contributing to an improved, more efficient industry, explained Dejan Zivkovic, PPG EMEA Business Solution Manager: “The EMEA business solution team’s aim is to help our customers in the ME region to navigate change in the collision repair services market. We are convinced that PPG value-added services will help AG CARS managers to prepare to lead change by implementing the LEAN philosophy.”


"Course attendants receiving the certification by Dejan Zivkovic"


The LEAN Philosophy

As for the LEAN philosophy itself, it wasn’t designed specifically for automobile repair or paintshops until PPG applied it as an industry first, more than 20 years ago. LEAN is a methodology that aims to improve production line efficiency inspired by Toyota’s production plants in the 1930s.

For the first time in our industry, MVP has adapted and made it accessible and applicable to automobile body repair businesses. To find out more about our LEAN course that’s specifically tailored for this industry, visit our site and contact us for a consultation.