PPG MVP Business Solutions Inventory, Benchmark Report, and MoonWalk Benefit Bodyshops in Greece and the Balkans

As a company used to giving more value than the client expects, PPG has been providing services that increases body shop efficiency and take offerings and services to the next level. Users of our Most Valued Partners (MVP) Business Solutions program will testify to our expertise in developing and improving bodyshop management and performance across the EMEA.


Value-Added Services that enhances body shop efficiency

Our EMEA MVP team recently introduced the benefits of MVP solutions to two bodyshops, an AVIS bodyshop in Athens, Greece and the other Triglav Autoservice in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

"Exterior building of Triglav Autoservice "

AVIS Sorou in Athens was already using our value-added services from our Collision department - including PPG’s PaintManager® XI Software Network, Job Order and Online Report - however, the company wanted to have an improved process regarding the management of paint materials and so decided to integrate MVP tools also.

"Interior of Avis Sorou facilities"

PPG assisted AVIS Sorou in the installation and implementation of MVP tools Inventory, Benchmark Report and Capacity Analysis, as well as providing consultancy. 

Inventory provides bodyshops with an overview of their stock and open orders, allowing them to order everything from a single source just by scanning a barcode – relieving workload of field and customer services and boosting workflow efficiency.

Benchmark Report analyses the key performance indicators of bodyshops and compares them with the benchmark values of our database, with the sole objective of increasing their profitability by drawing up targeted Plans of Action.

"Benchmark Report logo, click on it to learn more about the service"


Increasing Efficiency & Cultivating Relationships

This resulted in the AVIS Sorou bodyshop significantly improving it paint material management and cultivating its relationships with clients and shareholders.

Triglav Autoservice in Ljubljana, Slovenia also implemented the same tools as AVIS Sorou, in addition to PPG’s revolutionary automated paint mixing system MOONWALK®.

"MOONWALK® automated paint mixing system in Triglav mixing room"

The bodyshop wanted to increase their efficiency and achieved this by 20% through systematically monitoring and activating tools such as Capacity Analysis to increase production through improving the flow of the process. They also improved key procedures and perfected relations.