PPG MVP Business Solutions Helps Improve Grup Autovivo Bodyshop Performance by Implementing Lean

A win-win case in Iberia. Grup Autovivo impresses OEMs with Lean orientation and PPG creates the perfect showroom for displaying Lean effectiveness on body shop performance.

A few years ago, in the months before the pandemic, we started a challenging adventure.

We reached an agreement with one of our most important customers in the Barcelona area, Grup Autovivo (Fiat, Peugeot, Opel, Hyundai, Mazda dealers), to work together and make their auto body shop a model of Lean for Collision implementation.

Since then, two bodyshop managers have been trained in Lean methodology by participating in our intensive Green Belt training course. From the very beginning, the managers were big believers in Lean methodology and have since been proactive to start implementing it – their support has been key for the success of the project to ensure other employees achieve and abide by the new procedures.

The next step was to carry out diagnosis sessions by visiting the body shop to identify different kinds of ‘muda’ - a key concept in the Lean process meaning wastefulness. Creating a value stream map of their repair process was done to help identify possible bottlenecks and stoppers and measure production capacity.

With all this information, before the implementation of Lean processes started, we ran several White Belt training sessions (for the employees understanding the importance of Lean) on site with painters, repairers, receptionists, the parts department and other managers. The objective was to understand how the project of Lean implementation would affect each of the personnel and the implications it would mean for them.

In two years, despite being affected by lockdowns, we have been able to organise re-distribution of the body shop layout, conduct parts procurement, customer reception workflow and data repair analysis, and present a KPI dashboard proposal - as well as review bodyshop managers’ daily tasks and the paint shop teamwork structure. Many of these Lean tools have already been implemented or are in the process to be to improve the body shop’s business strategy.

These actions have allowed both the customer and PPG to improve activities.

From the customer side, as they are Hyundai dealers - amongst other brands – it shows the OEM how committed Grup Autovivo is in promoting quality processes in body repair, and that the body shop is aligned with the Hyundai Lean orientation in its after sales network.

From the PPG side, we have a showroom body shop that allow us to display to other customers or prospects the advantages of implementing Lean to improve auto body shop performance and wellbeing.

This is a clear case of a win-win relationship that helps us to improve every day and reinforces our MVP Business Solutions approach.