Lifetime Warranty

Gain the trust of your customers offering them a MVP's Lifetime Warranty



It is becoming more and more difficult to meet customers’ expectations. A repair may look good when it leaves the bodyshop, but nowadays it is important that it continues to look good in a few years’ time. And when all your competitors are claiming they offer the highest quality standards, how can you demonstrate that your bodyshop is better?

MVP Business Solutions offers bodyshops a lifetime warranty for paint performance. This programme has been designed to benefit high quality bodyshops and their customers, guaranteeing the performance of PPG systems for however long the customer keeps the vehicle.




Customers are more and more demanding. Lifetime warranty will help you to:

  • The confidence that the repair is being carried out to the highest quality standards by highly qualified technicians.
  • The assurance of knowing that the durability and appearance of the repair are guaranteed.


  • Bodyshops willing to build on their value proposition.
  • Managers worried about being the best in the market.


  • Development of the commercial proposition

  • Quality certificate

  • Satisfied customers