Send an Inventory Activation Request for your customer to your local Collision Services Leader +Request Form

They will create an access for the bodyshop with a username and a password in the CS Admin page

Make sure the required subscriptions are activated in Vantage Point for the bodyshop where Inventory will be installed.


Make sure PMXI is running the last available update. Then, activate the Physical Inventory functionality.


Load liquid product quantities in the system by performing a physical inventory in PMXI.



Go to Inventory and make sure that all the required Inventory Settings are in place

Add more products to the bodyshop's catalog if needed, set prices and adjust quantities for non liquid products. Below you have more information on these actions:

  • Add products to the catalog +info
  • Modify/Upload Prices +info
  • Update the Inventory Levels of the products that are not in PMXI +info 

Make sure you have entered the right reorder points and additional quantities for each product in CS Inventory.

This reorder points will determine when automatic orders are triggered.

+ Information

Everything is now set up. Now it's time for you to go and show how this system works and how to perform the basic actions like creating an order, confirming and using items out.

Please, check our videos below and find PDF files that can be downloaded and printed.